Simple Minds - Walk Between Worlds [Deluxe] (CD)

Walk Between Worlds [Deluxe]
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Walk Between Worlds is Simple Minds'€™ 20th studio album, and their first album of new material since 2014'€™s Big Music. It is a record of two halves, with tracks such as Summer and The Signal and the Noise revisiting the glassy guitars and new wave dance grooves of the post-punk era, and the title track and Barrowland Star both featuring dramatic orchestrations recorded at Abbey Road.

This deluxe edition CD supplements the record with three bonus tracks.

- CD

1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and the Noise
5. In Dreams
6. Barrowland Star
7. Walk Between Worlds
8. Sense of Discovery
9. Silent Kiss
10. Angel Underneath My Skin
11. Dirty Old Town (Live)