Blackberry Smoke - Like an Arrow (CD)

Like an Arrow
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Atlanta'€™s Blackberry Smoke are back with their eagerly awaited fifth studio album.  Like an Arrow features 12 rocking new hits, including a track featuring The Allman Brother'€™s band very own Gregg Allman in Free On The Wing. The album was recorded and mixed by Billy Joe Bowers at The Quarry Recording Studio in Kenneshaw, Georgia, and was produced by Blackberry Smoke.

1. Waiting For The Thunder       
2. Let It Burn       
3. The Good Life       
4. What Comes Naturally       
5. Running Through Time       
6. Like an Arrow       
7. Ought To Know       
8. Sunrise In Texas       
9. Ain't Gonna Wait       
10. Workin' For A Workin' Man       
11. Believe You Me       
12. Free On The Wing