Jagwar Ma - Every Now And Then (LP)

Every Now And Then
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Three years on from their rapturously received debut Howlin'€™, Aussie duo Jagwar Ma are finally returning with a follow-up. Called Every Now & Then, the new record retains its predecessor'€™s melody soaked nods to club culture, but has also sees them unveil a passion for the Beastie Boys, having likened the LP to their Paul'€™s Boutique.

Overall this stunning record encapsulates the band at their most entrancing and anthemic - a wig out of oscillating acid bassline, ricocheting dub-fused guitars and heady pop psychedelia bathed in strobe-lit sonics.

1. Falling
2. Say What You Feel
3. Loose Ends
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Ordinary
6. Batter Up
7. O B 1
8. Slipping
9. High Rotations
10. Don't Make It Right
11. Colours Of Paradise