Warmduscher - Too Cold to Hold [TRANSLUCENT YELLOW VINYL] (LP)

Due on 15/11/2024

Translucent yellow vinyl

Indies only
Comprised of Clams Baker Jr., Benjamin Romans Hopcraft, Adam J. Harmer, Marley Mackey, Quinn Whalley and Bleu Ottis Wright, Too Cold To Hold is undoubtedly Warmduscher's best and most ambitious album to date. Taking on board the repetitive and polyrhythmic grooves of gqom (an alluring South African take on house music), adding in a dash of hip-hop flavours and even jazz, and then harnessing that to their punk-funk, disco pogo, it's a spellbinding mix. The album is produced by the band's Ben Romans Hopcraft alongside Jamie Neville.

Talking about the first track to be taken from the album, Fashion Week, which is a joyous account of fashion's die-hard fans rather than the more visible arrivistes or dilettantes, Clams said: "Those that will do anything to become that thing. That creation. And live it. It's real artistry when you don't have the means and you're doing it. You're hustling to get on the guest list, you get in, you're done up by means that you can't really afford, whatever you do... It's a celebration of people who will do whatever to look good and feel good and step above wherever they are in their own minds."

Too Cold to Hold sees the band stretch out, open up and produce their most dazzlingly eclectic and honest album to date.

"We wanted it to be brutally honest in our depiction of ourselves," said Ben. "We're known for acting in a certain way, playing in a certain way and deploying a certain method. I think the formula for Warmduscher is chaos. In every aspect. There's a lot of method to the chaos that we adopt, making sure that we are in control of that and the development of that chaos is really important. Otherwise, we'd be in the same loop of giving people what they think they want from us."

One of the many aces in Too Cold to Hold is that not only does it give people what they want, it also provides what they need. Having come off tour enthused about what the future held for the band, Clams and Ben in particular, "wanted to use the energy of the live shows and put it into something creative rather than turn it into one big hangover."

Warmduscher then; don't define them, just enjoy them.



1. An Introduction by Irvine Welsh
2. Fashion Week
3. Pure at the Heart
4. Top Shelf
5. Body Shock
6. Cleopatras
7. Immaculate Deception
8. Out of Body
9. Staying Alive
10. Too Cold to Hold
11. Weeds in the Garden