Shires - My Universe (LP)

My Universe
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Hailing from Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, The Shires are a British crossover country duo composed of singer-songwriters Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes. The duo released their debut album Brave in 2015, becoming the first UK country act to chart in the Top 10, and effectively paving the way for subsequent successes such as Ward Thomas. With UK country on the rise, this second album looks sure to see their star rise further still!

1. My Universe       
2. Beats To Your Rhythm       
3. Not Even Drunk Right Now       
4. Naked       
5. Drive       
6. Daddy's Little Girl       
7. Everything You Never Gave       
8. Save Me       
9. Common Language       
10. A Thousand Hallelujahs       
11. Other People's Things       
12. Desperate