The Shacks - Big Crown Vaults Vol. 2 [CLEAR ORANGE VINYL] (LP)

Big Crown Vaults Vol. 2 [CLEAR ORANGE VINYL]
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Clear orange vinyl
When Big Crown was brand new The Shacks were one of the first bands we signed. Shannon was still 17, so we had to wait until her 18th birthday to sign the contract. Their introduction to the world was a feature on an El Michels Affair track Strange Boy and it did not take long for them to catch on from there. Next was the B-side of that El Michels Affair 45 No Surprise and the momentum kept going for them. We followed-up with their self-titled debut EP and that's when things started to move faster. The Shacks got invited to tour the US and Europe with Chicano Batman and Khruangbin. It was during one of those runs that the Apple ad happened. Their cover of This Strange Effect got placed in a global ad campaign and the director insisted that Shannon star in the spot. That ad ran on every major TV network in the US, playing during the Superbowl, SNL, and every other high prole thing airing during that time. Then they rolled it out across the globe amassing something to the tune of a billion views. We released their highly anticipated first full length Haze in 2018 and they were touring all over the country and Europe promoting the record and riding the wave of success from accolade to accolade.

As fate would have it though, before the next album was finished, things fell apart for the band. Choosing to part ways in 2020 for good, Shannon and Max set out on different paths to pursue separate careers and leave The Shacks behind. During the heyday for them when they were not on the road they were recording and they were very prolific in their output. A lot of those songs never saw the light of day. Here on Big Crown Vaults Vol. 2 we put some of the best of those unreleased tracks and some things that never saw a vinyl pressing together for the fans to enjoy. The Shacks catalogue of music is incredible and will be here forever for us to enjoy. Keep an ear out for what is next from Shannon and Max, they are two very talented people that we loved working with.



1. For Real
2. Trip to Japan
3. Wings
4. Smile Now, Cry Later
5. Gentle [feat. El Michels Affair]
6. Sunday
7. Crimson & Clover
8. Wind
9. Bambi
10. Drone
11. My Guy
12. All I Could See