Thee Sacred Souls - Got a Story to Tell (CD)

Got a Story to Tell
Due on 04/10/2024
The highly anticipated follow-up to Thee Sacred Souls's breakout 2022 self-titled debut, Got a Story to Tell features 12 all original new songs, a soaring statement of exquisite craftsmanship from this young band from San Diego whose story grows bigger by the day. Got a Story to Tell was recorded and produced by Gabriel Roth at Penrose Recorders, in Daptone's Riverside, CA studio, and written in the throes of supporting their 2022 album, which was met with significant excitement and major touring that brought them across the world.

What swirls together on Got a Story to Tell is an appreciation of decades of soul music, and beyond - a sound and feel that is timeless, lived in, and very much in the now. Album opener Lucid Girl champions independent women, set to some of the toughest sounding drums and bass the band has yet to put to tape. Waiting on the Right Time slinks with a touch of slow-burning psychedelia. A plea for empathy punctuates One and the Same, with Lane singing: "We're one and the same, I feel one day / We learn to live with each other / In love, not fear / Just for a moment, why can't we be together." On My Mind is a sweeping orchestration, with Lane navigating the complexities of finding happiness while balancing the good with the bad. The album is punctuated with strings and squelching guitar, trundling piano, pops of conga, horns - it makes for a thrilling, layered listen that rewards with multiple spins.



1. Lucid Girl
2. Price I'll Pay
3. Live for You
4. On My Mind
5. Waiting on the Right Time
6. Losing Side of Love
7. Somebody Knew
8. My Heart is Drowning
9. Stuck in the Mud
10. In the Mirror
11. One and the Same
12. I'm So Glad I Found You, Baby