Blackfield - Blackfield [COLOURED VINYL] (LP)

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Marble orange and black vinyl
Blackfield is the collaboration between Israeli songwriter and musician Aviv Geffen and British musician and producer Steven Wilson. Their self-titled debut, originally released in 2004, is a fan favourite serving as a high benchmark for all progressive music released since, and includes the popular singles Hello, Pain, Blackfield and Cloudy Now.

When the two began collaborating, they were both firmly established in their own careers as renowned rock vocalists, songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists. Geffen is one of Israel's most iconic and best-selling musicians, who performs at stadium level in his home country. At the time of Blackfield's formation, Wilson was leading Porcupine Tree, the celebrated expansive British rock band. By 2010, he shifted into a solo career, building up a dedicated global following boasting six Grammy nominations and four UK hit albums with the most recent, The Harmony Codex hitting #1 in Germany.

This 20th anniversary edition of Blackfield's debut album will be released on limited edition marble orange and black vinyl.



1. Open Mind
2. Blackfield
3. Glow
4. Scars
5. Lullaby
6. Pain
7. Summer
8. Cloudy Now
9. The Hole in Me
10. Hello