Andr Schuen & Daniel Heide - Winterreise with Daniel Heide (CD)

Winterreise with Daniel Heide
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Andrè Schuen's two recordings of Schubert's late song cycles have received fantastic reviews. For Die schöne Müllerin, for example, Gramophone wrote: "magnificent, free voice of the baritone, used with taste and unchanging sensitivity for the text". And the second recording Schwanengesang was honoured with an OPUS KLASSIK in the category "Vocal Solo" in 2023. Both recordings were accompanied on the piano by Daniel Heide, Schuen's long-standing duo partner. Andrè Schuen and Daniel Heide now complete their trilogy of Schubert's great song cycles with a moving reading of Winterreise. For many, Winterreise is the crowning glory of the lieder repertoire. "It's the first work that comes to mind when you talk about song," says Andrè Schuen, referring to the alternation between movement and stasis in the songs: "There are images in which time seems to stand still completely, states of mind in harmony with the frozen winter nature. Then again it drifts on and on."



1. Gute Nacht
2. Die Wetterfahne
3. Gefror'ne Tränen
4. Erstarrung
5. Der Lindenbaum
6. Wasserflut
7. Auf Dem Flusse
8. Rückblick
9. Irrlicht
10. Rast
11. Frühlingstraum
12. Einsamkeit
13. Die Post
14. Der Greise Kopf
15. Die Krähe
16. Letzte Hoffnung
17. Im Dorfe
18. Der Stürmische Morgen
19. Täuschung
20. Der Wegweiser
21. Das Wirtshaus
22. Mut
23. Die Nebensonnen
24. Der Leiermann