Chelsea Wolfe - Birth of Violence [LAVENDER ECO MIX VINYL] (LP)

Birth of Violence [LAVENDER ECO MIX VINYL]
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Lavender eco mix vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
12-page lyric book
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Chelsea Wolfe has always been a conduit for a powerful energy, and while she has demonstrated a capacity to channel that somber beauty into a variety of forms, her gift as a songwriter is never more apparent than when she strips her songs down to a few key components. As a result, her solemn majesty and ominous elegance are more potent than ever on Birth of Violence.

There is a core element to Chelsea Wolfe's music - a kind of urgent spin on America's desolation blues - that's existed throughout the entirety of her career. Her latest album, Birth of Violence, is a return to the reclusive nature of her earlier recordings. The songs stem from humble beginnings little more than Wolfe's voice and her Taylor acoustic guitar.

Her long-time musical collaborator Ben Chisholm recorded the songs on a makeshift studio and helped fill them out with his modern production treatments and the occasional auxiliary flourish from ongoing contributors Jess Gowrie (drums) and Ezra Buchla (viola).

"These songs came to me in a whirlwind and I knew I needed to record them soon, and also really needed a break from the road," Wolfe says. "I've spent the past few years looking for the feeling of home; looking for places that felt like home." The result of that humble approach yields Wolfe's most devastating work to date.



1. The Mother Road
2. American Darkness
3. Birth of Violence
4. Deranged for Rock & Roll
5. Be All Things
6. Erde
7. When Anger Turns to Honey
8. Dirt Universe
9. Little Grave
10. Preface to a Dream Play
11. Highway
12. The Storm