Phoenix - Ti Amo (LP)

Ti Amo
Due on 19/04/2024

180g black vinyl
PVC sleeve
Ti Amo is Grammy-winning French act Phoenix's first album since 2013's critically lauded Bankrupt! Produced by the band and recorded at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) with the help of long time collaborator Pierrick Devin, the band describe Ti Amo as "an album about simple pure emotions: love, desire, lust and innocence, it's also a record about our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy: a lost paradise made of eternal Roman summers (hyper-light, hyper-clarity, pistachio gelato), juke-boxes on the beach, Monica Vitti and Marcello Mastroiani, fearless desire and Antique marble statues."

The New York Times calls Ti Amo "the band's most unabashedly romantic record yet" and it's ushered in by lead single J-Boy, a brilliant, shimmering explosion.



1. J-Boy
2. Ti Amo
3. Tuttifrutti
4. Fior di Latte
5. Lovelife
6. Goodbye Soleil
7. Fleur de Lys
8. Role Model
9. Via Veneto
10. Telefono