The Zutons - Creeping on the Dancefloor (7" Single)

Creeping on the Dancefloor
Due on 19/04/2024

Black vinyl

Indies only
Creeping on the Dancefloor was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with legendary songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers, alongside the band's original producer Ian Broudie.

The multi-platinum selling band released three studio albums between 2004 and 2008, scoring nine UK top 40 singles including two top 10s with Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? and the all- conquering Valerie, the latter a triple-platinum hit for Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse. Now they return to share the fruits of their extended time away.

The Big Decider comes into view as an album of stark significance to the band, completed by Dave McCabe (guitar, lead vocals), Abi Harding (saxophone, vocals) and Sean Payne (drums, vocals). Written against the backdrop of a decade and a half's worth of lived experience, it is born under the weight of family tragedies, lives lost and created, reality checks, and home truths faced up to and stared down. Wrestled into shape under the kind of steam that only decades-long friendships - with all their messy fall-outs, make-ups, breakdowns and ultimately love - can muster, The Big Decider became the sound of water passing under the bridge, and love for music, love for each other, and love for creating together becoming the most important thing of all.



1. Creeping on the Dancefloor (Nile Rodgers)
2. Creeping on the Dancefloor (Ian Broudie)