Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption [WHITE VINYL] (LP)

Harmony Corruption [WHITE VINYL]
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Eco-friendly blue/red vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
Hand numbered
Etching on side B and D
24" x 24" poster

Indies only
This record is part of "Be the Change", a project conceived and developed by Rude Cares, aiming at raising awareness towards climate change and environmental impact within the music community. We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. And we are on a mission to make our Earth a better place through music! We've selected artists who share this vision, and we designed exclusive and limited eco-friendly variants of one of their records to offer to fans globally. For each release, a donation to Green Future Project will be made, and 100 new trees will be planted.



LP 1:
1. Vision Conquest
2. If the Truth Be Known
3. Inner Incineration
4. Malicious Intent
5. Unfit Earth

LP 2:
1. Circle of Hypocrisy
2. The Chains That Bind Us
3. Mind Snare
4. Extremity Retained
5. Suffer the Children
6. Hiding Behind