Fink - Beauty in Your Wake (CD)

Beauty in Your Wake
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Long-established alt-folk trio FINK return with Fin Greenall's eighth studio album under the genre-hopping moniker. Coalescing around the emergent urgency in each of the album's 10 tracks and intimate, closed-door sessions in picturesque Cornwall, the soul-reaching Beauty in Your Wake is released on the band's R'COUP'D label.

Now resident in Berlin, native Cornishman Greenall - one time collaborator with John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Colin Stetson and more - sought the solitude and back-to-earth atmosphere of the small village of Zennor, on the county's picturesque Atlantic coast for the agenda-free, organic recording sessions. The band were invited to record at producer Sam Okell's newly built studio and were the first band to create there. Okell is the Grammy Award-winning engineer and mixer of The Beatles' Get Back and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary release.

Imagining that those conditions could percolate a lo-fi, classic English folk album, the joint creative restlessness of the band and Okell instead pushed Beauty in Your Wake into the expansive realms of FINK's commercially and critically successful albums of the '00s and 2010's, and is a triumphant return to self. FINK's music has always been woven into a broader global tapestry, not least because the band's music has featured on countless film and TV soundtracks such as Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and most recently on the latest series of True Detective.

Going 'overground' in the music world for the first time in 1997 as a dance-orientated signee to Ninja Tunes' sister label N-Tone, Greenall's life in music has travelled diverse roads and lit numerous corners of the international music business. The reformed, classic FINK line-up is the same as that which first recorded the band's breakthrough album, Biscuits for Breakfast (2006), a release that proved to be a springboard for widespread international touring.



1. What Would You Call Yourself
2. The Only Thing That Matters
3. Be Forever Like a Curse
4. It's Like You Ain't Mine No More
5. Follow You Down
6. I Don't See You as the Others Do
7. One Last Gift
8. Don't Forget to Leave
9. So We Find Ourselves in Love With You
10. When I Turn This Corner