The Plastic Youth - The Plastic Youth [CREAM VINYL] (LP)

The Plastic Youth [CREAM VINYL]
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Cream vinyl
Indie jangle-pop outfit The Plastic Youth are a Glasgow-based four-piece, infusing psychedelic undertones with sugary, infectious melodies to create something uniquely nostalgic, yet fresh.

While delivering their distinctive brand of pure indie charm, The Plastic Youth have since recorded their debut album with producers, Gerry Love (formerly of Teenage Fanclub), and studio engineer/co-producer Ross Cameron, to be released in March 2024.

With the first singles from their long-awaited album being championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing, and their upcoming single, Frankie, The Plastic Youth are making headway and gathering momentum for an exciting year ahead.

The Plastic Youth's long-crafted debut album is a testament to the band's musical odyssey and stands as something truly special. Produced by Teenage Fanclub's Gerry Love and Riverside Studio's Ross Cameron, The Plastic Youth are stitched into the cultural tapestry of Scotland, offering a youthful take on '60s melody and harmony, alongside driving instrumentation is the band's hypnotic offering to the Glasgow music scene. This album is a breath of blissful air. A new perspective.



1. No Beginning
2. Wrong Crowd
3. Big Thief
4. Like You
5. Frankie
6. Time for Us
7. Comfort
8. Try for You
9. Sweet Dreamer
10. Clairo