Sam Lee - songdreaming (CD)

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Sam Lee releases his fourth studio album, songdreaming, on March 15th. The follow-up to 2020's Old Wow, an album variously described as "A dazzling fusion of nature and song" (The Observer) and a "sublime album that demands to be heard in the 21st century" (The Daily Telegraph) amidst a host of critical acclaim, songdreaming was recorded throughout 2023. The album sees Sam continue his work with producer Bernard Butler and long-term collaborator, arranger, and composer James Keay in creating an album rich in musicality and invention. songdreaming represents the latest stage in the development of Sam Lee's music, from its roots in traditional folk song to a new way of imagining and performing these old songs, making them relevant for a modern audience.



1. Bushes and Briars
2. Meeting is a Pleasant Place
3. McCrimmon
4. Leaves of Life
5. Green Mossy Banks
6. Aye Walking Oh
7. Dreams of the Returning
8. Black Dog and Sheep Crook
9. Sweet Girl McRee