Various Artists - DJ-Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister (LP)

DJ-Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister
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Black vinyl
The slo-beat pioneers Kruder & Dorfmeister of Vienna are among the hottest producers in the dance universe.

Even though they only produced two unreleased maxis, big names like Count Basie, Bomb the Bass, Alex Reece or United Future Organization had some of their tracks remixed by these exceptional producers. Their productions on compilations of Ninja Tune, SSR and Wall of Sound are considered milestones regarding the trip-hop genre.

During the work for DJ-Kicks and their debut album, they refused doing remixes for U2, Grace Jones, Elvis Costello and the Fantastic Four!



LP 1:
1. Small World - Livin' Free (Soundtrack Mix)
2. Aquasky - Kauna
3. Hardfloor - Dadamnpheaknoizphunk? (Dubdope)

LP 2:
1. JMJ & Flytronix - In Too Deep
2. Shantel - Bass and Several Cars
3. Tango - Spellbound
4. Thievery Corporation - Shoalin Satellite