Tammy Wynette - You Brought Me Back (CD)

You Brought Me Back
Due on 22/03/2024
Tammy Wynette, known as "The First Lady of Country Music," was one of the music's truly iconic figures with an instantly distinctive voice winning audiences from country to pop.

The much-loved entertainer released 42 studio albums and charted with 73 singles during a 27-year recording career. The Country Music Association voted her Female Vocalist of the Year in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

She died on April 6th, 1998 at the tragically early age of 55 years. Tammy Wynette was inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame later that year.

Originally released in 1981, her 24th studio album is now available for the first time on CD. The new set includes five bonus tracks.



1. Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight (Like They Used To)
2. Crying in the Rain
3. Bring Back My Baby to Me
4. You Brought Me Back
5. Goodnight, Cowboy, Goodnight
6. Easy Street
7. I Don't Think I See Me in Your Eyes Anymore
8. The Best There Is
9. Easy Come, Easy Go
10. He's Rolling Over and Over (In Someone Else's Clover)
11. The Wonder You Perform
12. The Only Time I'm Really Me
13. (You Make Me Want to Be) a Mother
14. I'm Not a Candle in the Wind
15. There Goes That Old Steel Guitar