Various Artists - Niney the Observer Presents Dreadlocks Coming to Dinner: The Observer Singles 1973-1975 (CD)

Niney the Observer Presents Dreadlocks Coming to Dinner: The Observer Singles 1973-1975
Due on 15/03/2024
Having enjoyed his first major Jamaican hit in 1971 with the groundbreaking single Blood and Fire, Winston Holness aka Niney 'The Observer' set about establishing a reputation as one of the island's most accomplished and innovative record producers.

Within two years of his breakthrough hit, he had built a strong fan-base both within the land of his birth and in the UK, having issued a series of popular singles featuring himself and a small but impressive roster of local artists that included Big Youth, Max Romeo, Delroy Wilson and U Roy.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner comprises the very best of these works, commencing with Ken Boothe's hugely popular 1973 Jamaican chart-topping version of Silver Words. Other highlights include Delroy Wilson's popular interpretations of Halfway Up the Stairs and I Can't Help Myself while there are also numerous early roots classics, most notably the title track, Rasta No Born Ya, Nice and Easy, Every Natty Want to Go Home.

Including 15 tracks that have remained unavailable on any format since their original release in the 70s, this 2CD collection demonstrates why Niney deserves to be ranked among the finest music makers to have first made their mark on the Jamaican music scene during the most creative period in the long and illustrious history of reggae music.



CD 1:
1. Silver Words - Ken Boothe
2. Rasta No Born Ya - Sang Hugh
3. The Bold One - The Observers
4. Salt & Pepper - Winston Wright
5. Hey Little Girl - Hubert Lee
6. No Portion a Gal - Sang Hugh
7. Melancholy Rock - Winston Wright
8. Have Some Mercy - Delroy Wilson
9. Different Fashion - The Observers
10. Beardman Shuffle - Ansel Collins
11. Hail I aka Taking A View - Niney
12. Let Your Love Come - Keeling Beckford
13. Half Way Up the Stairs - Delroy Wilson
14. Children of the Ghetto - Astley Bennett
15. Dub From the Ghetto - The Observers
16. King Rasta - The Meditators
17. Sugar Pie - Delroy Wilson
18. New Style - Niney & The Observers
19. Wild Goose Chase - Big Youth & Dennis Brown
20. Inbound Train - Ansel Collins Meets The Observer
21. One Train Load of Collie - Tommy McCook & The Observers
22. Train From the West - U Roy
23. Daughter Gets Hot - Niney & The Observers
24. Ride on Ride On - Big Youth & Dennis Brown
25. Pressure Locks - Niney & The Observers

CD 2:
1. Ital Correction - Niney the Observer
2. Selassie Ship - Niney the Observer
3. Babylonian - Earth & Stone
4. Fire Bunn - Big Youth
5. Fire Organ - The Observers
6. Mr. Finnigan - Big Youth
7. Bring the Cuchie Come - Niney
8. Cuchie Dub - The Observer
9. For I - David Jahson
10. In the Morning - Roman Stewart
11. False Rasta - Delroy Wilson
12. Clap the Ba Ba - Michael Rose
13. Leggo the Wrong - Astley Bennett
14. Leggo the Wrong Version - Astley Bennett
15. Push De Broom - Max Romeo
16. Impact Program - The Observers
17. African Train - Errol Flabba Holt
18. Bur O Boy - Junior Byles
19. Nice and Easy - Horace Andy
20. Nice Version - The Observers
21. Every Natty Wants to Go Home - Junior Delgado
22. Dreadlocks Coming for Dinner - Michael Rose
23. Prophesy Fulfil - Glasford Manning
24. Zorro - Tommy McCook & The Observers