Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Complete Singles (CD)

The Complete Singles
Due on 08/03/2024

This 40-track release features every physical A and B side issued by punk rock legends Peter and the Test Tube Babies over their 45-year career.

It includes the Independent Chart hits Banned From the Pubs (#10), Run Like Hell (#2), Zombie Creeping Flesh (#2), Blown Out Again (#40), Rotting in the Fart Sack (#3), Wimpeez (#8) and Key to the City (#19). It also features later 45s including Supermodels, Smiling Through the Tears (featuring Die Toten Hosen vocalist Campino), I'm Getting Pissed for Xmas (a 'duet' with G.B.H.!) and Crap Californian Punk Band (featuring Lars Frederiksen from Rancid).

The booklet contains images of each release, many of them now rare and expensive for punk collectors, plus a detailed narrative on each release.



CD 1:
1. Banned From the Pubs
2. Moped Lads
3. Peacehaven Wild Kids
4. Run Like Hell
5. Up Yer Bum
6. Zombie Creeping Flesh
7. No Invitation
8. Smash & Grab (Studio Version)
9. The Jinx
10. Trapper Ain't Got a Bird
11. The Jinx (12" Remix)
12. Trapper Ain't Got a Bird (Dub)
13. Blown Out Again (Rehashed Mix)
14. Ten Deadly Sins
15. Rotting in the Fart Sack
16. Spirit of Keith Moon
17. Boozanza
18. Alcohol
19. Wimpeez
20. Never Made It

CD 2:
1. Key to the City
2. Spirit of Keith Moon (Live)
3. The Jinx (Live)
4. Run Like Hell (Live)
5. Vicars Wank Too (Live)
6. Key to the City (12" Version)
7. Louise Wouldn't Like It
8. When I Fall in Love
9. Toy Boy
10. Supermodels
11. U-Bore-Me
12. Shake My World
13. Fuck the Millenium
14. Still Love the Pub
15. I'm Getting Pissed for Christmas
16. A Foot Full of Bullets
17. Smiling Through the Tears
18. Youth of Today
19. The Twitter Song
20. Crap Californian Punk Band