Mandy Smith - Mandy (CD)

Due on 01/03/2024

Mandy was the first album to be released on Pete Waterman's PWL label back in 1988. This special edition features the singles I Just Can't Wait, Positive Reaction, Boys and Girls and Victim of Pleasure, with the addition of a subsequent release, Mandy's 1989 cover of the Human League classic Don't You Want Me Baby?

Exclusive bonus tracks have been selected direct from the PWL archives. Long thought to be mere rumour, an unreleased Hi-NRG cover of Twinkle's 1964 smash Terry and Mandy's original version of the Kylie Minogue hit Got to Be Certain feature together with rare mixes of all five singles. These include a bona-fide Balearic classic: the Cool and Breezy Jazz Version of Mandy's Theme (I Just Can't Wait).

The extensive CD booklet includes full lyrics, additional photos and discography plus a brand new essay from PWL expert Tom Parker, responsible for several past Kylie Minogue releases.

A successful model, Mandy was only 16 when she launched her music career, but media interest was focused on her personal life and UK chart success proved elusive. However, she scored major hits internationally, notably across Europe and in Japan, and her album remains a favourite for many 80s pop devotees.



1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. I Just Can't Wait
3. Victim of Pleasure
4. Duel
5. Boys and Girls
6. If It Makes You Feel Good
7. Positive Reaction
8. Say It's Love (Love House)
9. He's My Boy
10. You're Never Alone
11. Don't You Want Me Baby
12. Got to Be Certain
13. Terry (12" Mix)
14. Positive Reaction (Our Mandy's Extended Mix)
15. Boys and Girls (Acid Remix)
16. Victim of Pleasure (Daize On Nights Mix)
17. Don't You Want Me Baby (Original Mix)
18. I Just Can't Wait (The Cool and Breezy Jazz Version)