Beth Gibbons - Lives Outgrown [DELUXE] (LP)

Lives Outgrown [DELUXE]
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180g black vinyl
12" x 12" album print
Tip-on gatefold sleeve
Four-page booklet
12-page 'scrapbook' booklet
Digital download
Beth Gibbons releases her debut solo album Lives Outgrown on 17th May 2024. Featuring 10 beautiful new songs recorded over a period of 10 years, the album was produced by James Ford and Beth Gibbons, with additional production by Lee Harris (Talk Talk).

Lives Outgrown is, by some measure, Beth's most personal work to date, the result of a period of sustained reflection and change - "lots of goodbyes," in Beth's words. Farewells to family, to friends, even to her former self. These are songs from the mid-course of life, when looking ahead no longer yields what it used to, and looking back has a sudden, sharper focus.



1. Tell Me Who You Are Today
2. Floating on a Moment
3. Burden of Life
4. Lost Changes
5. Rewind
6. Reaching Out
7. Oceans
8. For Sale
9. Beyond the Sun
10. Whispering Love