Nadine Shah - Filthy Underneath [RED VINYL] (LP)

Filthy Underneath [RED VINYL]
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Red vinyl

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Nadine Shah announces her fifth album Filthy Underneath will be released on 23rd February as the inaugural release on EMI North. The follow-up to 2020's critically acclaimed Kitchen Sink and 2017's Mercury Prize nominated Holiday Destination, the announcement comes alongside lead single Topless Mother which was just premiered by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music.

Filthy Underneath chronicles a period of unprecedented turbulence in Nadine Shah's life. And yet, the experience of listening to it is oddly life-affirming - a parade of ghosts spanning the entirety of Nadine's 37 years, moving with balletic beauty to the music that Nadine and long-time co-writer and producer Ben Hillier have created around them, with renewed emphasis on placing melody and movement front and centre.



1. Even Light
2. Topless Mother
3. Food for Fuel
4. You Drive, I Shoot
5. Keeping Score
6. Sad Lads Anonymous
7. Greatest Dancer
8. See My Girl
9. Twenty Things
10. Hyperrealism
11. French Exit