Sea Girls - Midnight Butterflies (Cassette)

Midnight Butterflies
Due on 14/06/2024

Blue shell
Sea Girls come of age on their new album Midnight Butterflies, delivering on the promise of their first two top three records.

Since roaring onto the scene, the band have cemented themselves as one of British indie's most consistent and successful groups.

The immediacy and carefree attitude are the driving motivations of this superb new release via the band's own independent label, Alt. Records. With creative collaborations including Matt Schwartz (YungBlud), Benjy Gibson (Fred Again), Kid Harpoon (Harry Styles) and The Nocturns (Mimi Webb), this record is for fans of guitar music who are not afraid of big hooks and massive choruses. The result is their first album without compromise, reflecting the joy and energy they brought to the scene with their debut Open Up Your Head and hit songs like Call Me Out and All I Want to Hear You Say.



1. Midnight Butterflies
2. I Want You to Know Me
3. Come Back to Me
4. Horror Movies
5. Does Only God Know That We're Lonely?
6. Scream and Shout
7. Weekends and Workdays
8. Superman
9. First on My List
10. Young Strangers
11. Polly
12. After Hours