Charged G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked by Rats (CD)

City Baby Attacked by Rats
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This album - a confirmed punk rock classic - hit #17 in the UK charts on its release in 1982 and also spent 27 weeks in the Independent Chart, peaking at #2. The Indie Chart hit singles Sick Boy (#4) and No Survivors (#5) are featured along with their relevant B-sides. A deluxe booklet complete with liner notes and lyrics to all the songs is a feature of the original artwork.

For over 30 years, G.B.H. have toured the globe and left an impression on hundreds of bands who've all cited them as an inspiration - the likes of Rancid, The Casualties and Anti Flag have all sung their praises and their logo has adorned a million leather jackets!



1. Time Bomb
2. Sick Boy
3. Wardogs
4. Slut
5. Maniac
6. Gunned Down
7. I am the Hunted
8. City Baby Attacked by Rats
9. The Prayer of a Realist
10. Passenger on the Menu
11. Heavy Discipline
12. Boston Babies
13. Bellend Bop
14. No Survivors
15. Self Destruction
16. Big Women
17. Am I Dead Yet?
18. Slit Your Own Throat
19. Sick Boy (Single Version)