Alton McClain & Destiny - It Must Be Love / More Of You (CD)

It Must Be Love / More Of You
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Alton McClain & Destiny came from the late '€˜70s/early/'€˜80s era of soul, disco, boogie and rare grooves, accommodating all of these in her first two albums, It Must Be Love and More of You. Both records are featured on one CD in this terrific value package.

1. Crazy Love
2. Sweet Temptation
3. Taking My Love For Granted
4. My Empty Room
5. The Power Of Love
6. Push And Pull
7. It Must Be Love
8. God Said "Love Ye One Another"
9. Love Waves
10. I Don't Want To Be With Nobody Else
11. Hang On In There Baby
12. More Of You
13. Thanks Heaven For You
14. Stares And Whispers
15. 99 1/2
16. You Bring To Me My Morning Light