Dominik Fike - Sunburn (LP)

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Black vinyl
Released via Columbia Records, Sunburn is Dominic Fike's highly-anticipated sophomore full-length album, and the follow-up to 2020's What Could Possibly Go Wrong. This 14-track collection finds the artist going back to Naples, Florida, as he sets to explore his childhood, family history and the meaning of home. The album has production credits for Dominic Fike, as well as Jim-E Stack and Kid Harpoon, alongside a collaboration with Weezer.



1. How Much is Weed?
2. Ant Pile
3. Think Fast - Weezer / Dominic Fike
4. Sick
5. 7 Hours
6. Dancing in the Courthouse
7. Bodies
8. Sunburn
9. Pasture Child
10. 4x4
11. Frisky
12. Mama's Boy
13. Dark
14. What Kinda Woman