All Time Low - Put Up or Shut Up [YELLOW VINYL] (LP)

Put Up or Shut Up [YELLOW VINYL]
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Yellow vinyl
Baltimore alternative/pop rock band All Time Low have achieved a great deal in their career, from #1 radio hits, late night TV performances, gracing magazine covers, touring with bands like Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Foo Fighters, collaborating with artists like blackbear, to starring in film and TV.

Featuring fan favourite tracks Coffee Shop Soundtrack and Jasey Rae, 2006's Put Up or Shut Up, their debut for Hopeless Records, is a youthful and energetic pop-punk record that showcases the band's early potential

In 2023, the band continued to soar and be more relevant than ever, releasing their ninth studio full length in March 2023, and earning a #1 Alternative Radio single with Sleepwalking.



1. Coffee Sound Soundtrack
2. Break Out! Break Out!
3. The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler
4. Jasey Rae
5. The Party Scene
6. Running From Lions
7. Lullabies