USA Nails - Feel Worse (LP)

Feel Worse
Due on 22/03/2024

Black vinyl
London noise-rock quartet USA Nails have announced their upcoming album Feel Worse.

Feel Worse explores schadenfreude; the pleasure derived from another person's misfortune. With this, they use new material to attack austerity and UK authoritarianism, consumer culture (particularly the consumption of quick fix reality TV and hyper-capitalist agendas), youth culture and bullying, and more. They do so with their intense and unmistakable brand of abrasive, chaotic post-hardcore.

There's a raw and uncompromising energy to USA Nails, and Feel Worse is their most powerful and vital album to date.



1. Cathartic Entertainment
2. Feel Worse
3. The Sun in the Sands
4. Pack of Dogs
5. Networking Opportunity
6. Holiday Sea
7. On Computer Screen
8. Beautiful Eyes!
9. An Audience of Love
10. I Love It When You Succeed