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Real Power
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Beloved, Portland pop/indie-rock trio Gossip return with Real Power, their first album in 14 years, set for release on 22nd March 2024. The album marks a reunion with acclaimed producer Rick Rubin, who helmed the band's pivotal 2009 album Music for Men. The band started recording in 2019 after completing a tour for the 10-year anniversary of Music for Men. Recorded at Rubin's home studio in Kauai, the process was temporarily halted by the pandemic and resumed when restrictions lifted. The result is an 11-track celebration of the galvanizing might of music, the joy of creative expression, and the power of chosen family in the aftermath of collective and personal trauma. The timing is ripe for a Gossip reunion, and Real Power heralds a new maturity and renewed sense of purpose for the trio. "When we began, so much about Gossip was about running away - that was always in the music," says Beth Ditto. "We survived. We came from nothing, and we got the fuck out of there. And to be here 20 years later and still making music together is just incredible."

Gossip consists of vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan "Brace Paine" Howdeshell and drummer Hannah Blilie. The band's 2016 breakout studio album, Standing in the Way of Control, reached #1 on UK Indie chart (certified Gold) and solidified the band as a dynamic force in the music scene. Standing in the Way of Control, the album's battle-cry title track, is a queer anthem written in response to the US government's proposition to define marriage and exclude homosexuals. The band achieved multiplatinum success with their follow-up Music for Men, certified twice platinum in Germany and France, platinum in Australia and Switzerland with sales in excess of 1.5 million copies. Gossip are renowned for their high energy live performances and have delivered incredible sets at some of the worlds biggest festivals including Glastonbury, Coachella and Pukkelpop, to name a few.



1. Act of God
2. Real Power
3. Don't Be Afraid
4. Crazy Again
5. Edge of the Sun
6. Give It Up for Love
7. Turn the Card Slowly
8. Tell Me Something
9. Light It Up
10. Tough
11. Peace and Quiet