Brittany Howard - WHAT NOW (CD)

Ships In 2/3 Days
WHAT NOW is the second solo album from Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes.

"With the world we're living in now, it feels like we're all just trying to hang onto our souls. Everything seems to be getting more extreme and everyone keeps wondering, 'WHAT NOW? What's next?'

"By the same coin, the only constant on this record is that you never know what's going to happen next: every song is its own aquarium, its own little miniature world built around whatever I was feeling and thinking at the time."



1. Earth Sign
2. I Don't
3. What Now
4. Red Flags
5. To Be Still
6. Interlude
7. Another Day
8. Prove It to You
9. Samson
10. Patience
11. Power to Undo
12. Every Color in Blue