Splinter - The Place I Love [BF23] (LP)

The Place I Love [BF23]
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180g clear vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
This is a significant album in the Dark Horse 1970s catalog because George Harrison produced and played lead and rhythm guitar all over the album. The record also features the band’s biggest hit, Costafine Town (#17 UK, #77 US.)

The other musicians who contributed to The Place I Love include Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman, Billy Preston, Gary Wright (Spooky Tooth and Dream Weaver), and Alvin Lee (Ten Years After.).

Never reissued on vinyl!



1. Gravy Train
2. Drink All Day (Got to Find Your Own Way Home)
3. China Light
4. Somebody's City
5. Costafine Town
6. The Place I Love
7. Situation Vacant
8. Elly-May
9. Haven't Got Time