Ripple - Ripple [BF23] (LP)

Ripple [BF23]
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Black Friday 2023

Available in-store from 8am on Friday 24th November and online from 8am Saturday 25th November



Black vinyl
This seminal rare groove funk and deep soul album was originally released in 1973 on GRC Records, and is now released 50 years later on Soul Jazz Records in this fully remastered edition for RSD Black Friday.

The album Ripple contains the all-time classic I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure is Funky, one of the most memorable funk tunes of all time and sampled many times over.

Ripple’s unique blend of funk, soul, rock, proto-disco and more stood them alongside groups like Funkadelic, Brass Construction, Mandrill, Pleasure, Kool and the Gang and The Blackbyrds, who were all blending these styles while remaining firmly focused on the dancefloor. Like the group Funkadelic, Ripple hailed from Michigan and in 1976 opened for the group on their Parliament / Funkadelic Mothership Connection tour.

This classic album has been out of print for nearly 30 years on vinyl and is now fully remastered and presented here in its original artwork.



1. You Were Right on Time
2. Be My Friend
3. I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure is Funky
4. I’ll Be Right There Trying
5. Get Off
6. See the Light in the Window
7. A Funky Song
8. Willie, Pass the Water
9. Dance, Lady Dance
10. Ripplin’