Nas - I Am….The Autobiography [BF23] (LP)

I Am….The Autobiography  [BF23]
Not Currently Available
Black Friday 2023

Available in-store from 8am on Friday 24th November and online from 8am Saturday 25th November



Black vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
I Am... The Autobiography, Nas' long sought-after bootleg, is released commercially for the first time!

The release features unreleased tracks, as well as many other rarities that have been on limited vinyl and 12" releases previously, as well as deluxe packaging. A must-have for any Nas and die-hard hip-hop head!



LP 1:
1. Fetus
2. Small World
3. Money is My Bitch
4. Project Windows
5. Poppa Was a Playa
6. Dr. Knockboots (Doe's and Don't)

LP 2:
1. Day Dreamin' Stay Schemin’
2. Sometimes I Wonder [feat. Nature]
3. Hardest Thing to Do is Stay Alive
4. Drunk by Myself
5. I Wanna Play
6. Blaze a 50
7. We Will Survive