Digital Underground - The Body Hat Syndrome [BF23] (LP)

The Body Hat Syndrome [BF23]
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140g yellow vinyl
Comic book
The Body-Hat Syndrome is the third album from the rap group Digital Underground. The album's second single, an anti-racism cultural awareness politico called Wussup Wit the Luv, features a solo from the Funkadelic guitarist Michael Hampton, as well as a verse and video appearance by Tupac Shakur. This was the last time Shakur appeared on any Digital Underground release. The album also contains The Humpty Dance Awards, the group's humorous shout-out to the many artists who sampled The Humpty Dance before 1993. Since then the list has grown to over 50 artists.

The Body-Hat Syndrome will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, originally released on October 5th 1993, and has only been released as a special Italian vinyl version, making this the first time it will be released on vinyl globally.



LP 1:
1. The Return of the Crazy One
2. Doo Woo You
3. Holly Wanstaho
4. Bran Nu Swetta
5. The Humpty Dance Awards
6. Body-Hats (Part One)
7. Dope-a-Delic (Do-U-B-Leeve-in-D-Flo?)
8. Intermission
9. Wussup With the Luv

LP 2:
1. Digital Lover
2. Carry the Way (Along Time)
3. Body-Hats (Part Two)
4. Circus Entrance
5. Jerkit Circus
6. Circus Exit (The After-Nut)
7. Shake & Bake
8. Body-Hats (Part Three)
9. Do Ya Like It Dirty?
10. Bran Nu Sweat This Beat
11. Wheee!