The Colourfield - The Very Best of The Colourfield [BF23] (LP)

The Very Best of The Colourfield [BF23]
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Black Friday 2023

Available in-store from 8am on Friday 24th November and online from 8am Saturday 25th November



Blue vinyl
After stints with The Specials and Fun Boy Three, Terry Hall formed The Colourfield. Taking a more formal classic pop route was less successful than his previous efforts, but still holds well today.

This exclusive RSD release will be followed by a CD box set featuring all their recordings, and new vinyl versions of both their albums.

The Colourfield features the songs Thinking of You and Castles in the Air, along with covers of Windmills of Your Mind and The Monkees' She.



1. The Colour Field
2. Take
3. Thinking of You
4. Castles in the Air
5. Pushing Up the Daisies
6. Hammond Song
7. Things Could Be Beautiful
8. I Can't Get Enough of You Baby
9. Windmills of Your Mind
10. Running Away
11. She
12. From Dawn to Distraction