Carter Burwell - Blood Simple: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [BF23] (LP)

Blood Simple: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [BF23]
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Transparent red swirl marble vinyl
Varèse Sarabande released seven tracks (20 minutes) from Blood Simple on a 1987 soundtrack album to coincide with Raising Arizona. Now, 40 years after its 1983 recording, Carter Burwell has produced a new mix and album of Blood Simple, featuring 13 tracks and 35 minutes from the original multitrack session tapes. Daniel Schweiger’s detailed liner notes recount the genesis of the project and the unforgettable Coens-Burwell partnership.



1. Crash and Burn
2. Blood Simple
3. Chain Gang
4. Looking at Pictures
5. The March
6. Monkey Chant
7. Noise Burn
8. Blood Simpler
9. The Shooting
10. Abby Scampers
11. Empty Bar
12. If I See Him
13. Chariots