The Black Angels - Levitation Sessions [BF23] (LP)

Levitation Sessions [BF23]
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Black Friday 2023

Available in-store from 8am on Friday 24th November and online from 8am Saturday 25th November



Coloured vinyl (TBC)
The Black Angels debut a live set and film spanning their career recorded live at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas. Never released physically and only streamed for one weekend, this double-LP / DVD is the ultimate live release from the seminal psych rock outfit.

"We decided to return to Carson Creek Ranch's River Stage, the former site of Levitation to bring it all back home. The setting lent itself well to the hot and humid Vietnam river delta feel we were trying to capture. In the early days we used to play along with the film Apocalypse Now and this brings it back full circle. - The Black Angels



LP 1:
1. Viet War
2. Colors
3. History
4. Yellow Elevator
5. Grab All You Can
6. Here and Now
7. Vermillion Eyes
8. Young Men Dead
9. Bad Vibes

LP 2:
1. Without A Trace (Naan)
2. Lifesong
3. Comanche Moon
4. Science Killer
5. Empires Falling (Spinning Wheels)