Nouvelle Vague - Should I Stay or Should I Go (LP)

Should I Stay or Should I Go
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Marc Collin, the creator of Nouvelle Vague, never anticipated producing a fifth album for the project, originally envisioning it as a one-off tribute to post-punk through bossa nova. However, the unexpected success of their debut album, featuring unique covers of songs by XTC, Public Image Limited, Josef K, and Joy Division, propelled Nouvelle Vague into unforeseen popularity. Collin attributes their success to the timing of the post-punk revival and the emotional resonance achieved by blending bossa nova with melancholic music. He also suggests that their French identity played a significant role, as their willingness to reinterpret songs without treating them as sacred, along with French vocals, contributed to the project's appeal.

Despite initially considering Nouvelle Vague as a short-lived endeavour, Collin reflects on its enduring success over 20 years, marked by diverse albums covering French new wave artists, original compositions, and unique reinterpretations of various musical styles. The latest album, Should I Stay or Should I Go, continues the trend, featuring pop-infused renditions of post-punk classics. Collin sees no reason to end Nouvelle Vague, as streaming keeps their music alive and the audience remains interested, even attracting younger listeners. Additionally, Collin notes the project's influence on the trend of radically reworked cover versions in advertisements and movies, highlighting the enduring impact of Nouvelle Vague's innovative approach to music



1. What I Like Most About You is Your Girlfriend
2. People Are People
3. You Spin Me Around
4. Only You
5. She's in Parties
6. The Look of Love
7. Shout
8. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
9. Rebel Yell
10. Breakfast
11. Girls on Film
12. Rapture
13. This Charming Man