Depeche Mode - Strange / Strange Too (Blu-Ray)

Strange / Strange Too
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Previously available as individual titles in VHS and Laserdisc formats (now out-of-print and highly collectible), Strange (1988) and Strange Too (1990) are compilations of the provocative and visionary short films lensed by master photographer/director Anton Corbijn, in collaboration with Depeche Mode, to create a new visual iconography for the band and their music.

Available for the first-time in DVD and Blu-ray configurations and as a single collection, Strange/Strange Too presents 11 Anton Corbijn/Depeche Mode music films, newly restored from original Super 8mm sources, alongside six previously unseen outtake "vignettes" from the DM archives. When assembling the final edits for Strange and Strange Too, Corbijn created a visual running order where the individual music videos are perceived as one continuous film, with additional interstitial content not seen in the original clips.



1. A Question of Time
2. Strangelove
3. Never Let Me Down Again
4. Behind the Wheel
5. Pimpf
6. Strangelove (Vignette)
7. Behind the Wheel (Vignette)
8. Behind the Wheel (Shep Pettibone Mix) (Vignette)
9. Personal Jesus
10. Policy of Truth
11. Enjoy the Silence
12. Clean
13. Halo
14. World in My Eyes
15. Personal Jesus (Acoustic) (Vignette)
16. Policy of Truth (Vignette)
17. Policy of Truth (Trancentral Mix) (Vignette)