Apologies, I Have None - Pharmacie (CD)

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€"Sometimes you just want to know you'€™re not alone,"€ sings Apologies, I Have None vocalist Josh McKenzie on It'€™s Never The Words You Say. The line, from their upcoming album Pharmacie, sums up the London post-punk four-piece quite perfectly. The group have no specific message to convey, no agenda, and no story to speak of. Instead, they explore the tolls of declining mental health on relationships and the human experience as a whole. Combining a grim outlook with layers of both rich imagery and brutally simplistic reality, Apologies, I Have None'€™s music paints a beautiful, harrowing picture of a misunderstood and too-often ignored struggle faced by so many in the modern world.

1. Love and Medication
2. Wraith
3. The Clarity of Morning
4. Anything Chemical
5. Goodbye, Peace of Mind
6. Crooked Teeth
7. Everybody Wants To Talk About Mental Health
8. It’™s Never The Words You Say
9. Killers
10. A Pharmacy In Paris