New Order - Substance 1987 (CD)

Substance 1987
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New Order are delighted to announce a remastered 2CD set of Substance 1987, released via Warner Music on 10th November.

Originally released via the legendary Factory Records, Substance compiled all of the band's singles to that point in their 12" versions with many of their respective B-sides (on the CD and cassette versions), and specially new recorded versions of Temptation and Confusion. The album also included the biggest selling 12" single of all time, Blue Monday, alongside other classic singles The Perfect Kiss, Bizarre Love Triangle and the band's debut single release Ceremony.

The album is the band's biggest selling to date, with over one million copies sold, going platinum in the UK with a top 5 hit in True Faith which was accompanied by the seminal video, directed by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé.



CD 1:
1. Ceremony
2. Everything's Gone Green
3. Temptation 87
4. Blue Monday
5. Confusion 87
6. Thieves Like Us
7. The Perfect Kiss
8. Sub-Culture
9. Shellshock
10. State of the Nation
11. Bizarre Love Triangle
12. True Faith

CD 2:
1. In a Lonely Place
2. Procession
3. Cries and Whispers
4. Hurt
5. The Beach
6. Confused Instrumental
7. Lonesome Tonight
8. Murder
9. Thieves Like Us Instrumental
10. Kiss of Death
11. Shame of the Nation
12. 1963