Smoke Fairies - Carried in Sound [TRANSPARENT ORANGE VINYL] (LP)

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Transparent orange vinyl
Following on from the release of their highly-praised 2020 LP Darkness Brings Wonders Home, which was applauded by the likes of Mojo, Clash Magazine, Q and many more, alt-folk duo Smoke Fairies return once again to announce the details behind their sixth studio album Carried in Sound, previewed by the wondrous new single Vanishing Line.

Continuing to pursue more of that warm and ethereal aesthetic the pair have cultivated since their earliest beginnings, Vanishing Line makes for a wonderfully warm and emotive introduction to their next full-length release. Accompanied by a cinematic video, the new offering tackles the difficult and intimate feelings loss and grief can have on a person and those around them.

A sense of inner strength dominates the new record. In keeping with the times that bore it, Carried in Sound isn't afraid to discuss darkness - but everywhere there is a longing for light. "Although the album has themes of sadness on there, it's looking at those things from a place of strength," says Jessica.

"We're really excited to announce a new record, carefully home crafted to represent our core sound, with notes of reflection, grief and joy, we hope you find it an emotive, rewarding experience to listen to."

To celebrate the release of Carried in Sound, Smoke Fairies will also embark on an intimate five-date tour across the UK taking in spectacular churches and ruins.



1. Vague Ideas
2. Vanishing Line
3. Carried in Sound
4. There Was a Hope
5. Seek It With Me
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Part of It All
8. 2022
9. Perseus
10. Come to My Mind
11. Seek It With Me (Instrumental)