Lydia Loveless - Nothing's Gonna Stand in My Way Again [SILVER COUNTERTOP VINYL] (LP)

Nothing's Gonna Stand in My Way Again [SILVER COUNTERTOP VINYL]
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Silver countertop vinyl

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A follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2020 LP Daughter, Nothing's Gonna Stand in My Way Again continues the evolution of Loveless (she/her/they/them): a fiercely brave writer who bluntly assesses their life in song. Their trademark candidness and razor-sharp wit remain as they lay bare their raw pain - struggles with alcohol and depression, a breakup with their long-time boyfriend, and uncertainty about the future - but here Loveless' voice is wiser and more controlled. And while she holds onto a vintage country heart and a heartland rock soul, this album also presents something new and matured: a sound akin to Rumors and Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac.

Nothing's Gonna Stand in My Way Again (named one of Pitchfork's most anticipated albums of the year) is not only a break-up record drifting back to some of the best of its kind, like Richard & Linda Thompson's Shoot Out the Lights, Superchunk's Foolish and, of course, Rumors. It's also a reminder to keep improving oneself, taking ownership and moving forward - alone, if needed. Captivating and complex, it's a triumphant moment from an artist who's continuing their stride.



1. Song About You
2. Poor Boy
3. Sex and Money
4. Runaway
5. Feel
6. Toothache
7. Ghost
8. Do the Right Thing
9. French Restaurant
10. Summerlong