Songs: Ohia - Songs: Ohia (LP)

Songs: Ohia
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Clear blue vinyl
In a 1997 debut album release, singer/ guitarist Jason Molina unfolds the beginning chapter of the influential and essential discography of Songs: Ohia. The self-titled album - sometimes referred to as 'The Black Album' - was recorded on an 8-track over the span of one afternoon, and was the start of Molina's ideal "first draft" sound that opened the fourth wall into the haunted world-building the album creates for the listener. The sound flickers between undiscovered folk tradition, circular lyrical patterns, and love seesawing between the emotional weight of fear and exhilaration.



1. Vanquisher (Cabwaylingo)
2. Oriole (Crab Orchard)
3. (G+T) Constant (Gauley Bridge)
4. Sin & Death (Blue Jay)
5. Citadel (Tenskwatawa)
6. 930 (White Sulfur)
7. Republic (Our Republic)
8. Texas (Big Sewell Mt.)
9. One (Cotton Hill)
10. Sailor (Dogwood Gap)
11. Fortunate Man (Little Beaver)
12. Runs for It (Blue Stone)
13. Hayfoot (U.M.W. Pension)