Paul Weller - Wild Wood (LP)

Wild Wood
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Light green vinyl
Wild Wood is the second studio album by Paul Weller. Originally released in 1993, the album hit the #2 spot on the UK album chart. It contains three top 20 hits in Wild Wood, Sunflower and The Weaver. This release marks the 30th anniversary of the album and comes on limited edition 140-gram light green vinyl.



1. Sunflower
2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
3. Wild Wood
4. Instrumental (Part 1)
5. All the Pictures on the Wall
6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out
7. Country
8. 5th Season
9. The Weaver
10. Instrumental (Part 2)
11. Foot of the Mountain
12. Shadow of the Sun
13. Holy Man (Reprise)
14. Moon on Your Pyjamas