Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane - The Moon Also Rises [MOON VINYL] (LP)

The Moon Also Rises [MOON VINYL]
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Moon vinyl
The Moon Also Rises is Johnny Flynn's sixth album, and the second co-written with his friend Robert Macfarlane. Out 10th November 2023 on Transgressive, record gathers songs that Johnny and Robert have written together since finishing their first joint album, Lost in the Cedar Wood (2021). At its heart are the oldest themes of all: death and renewal, darkness and light. The first five tracks are songs of burial, shadows and memory, while the final four are songs of awakening, light and love. The album turns around a central song, The Sun Also Rises, which stands with a foot in both dark and light. It's a collection that fuses poetry, story, landscape, history, nature and myth into a series of rich, strange songlines that criss-cross time and place, joining winter to spring, ancient to present and birth to death. As the Sun sets, so the Moon rises as its echo; as one light dies, another, altogether different light is born.

The Moon Also Rises was partly recorded in an old Methodist chapel - now the home of Johnny and Rob's friends, Cosmo and Flora Sheldrake - and was produced by Charlie Andrew (Alt-J, Marika Hackman).



1. Uncanny Valley
2. Song With No Name
3. Burial Blessing
4. No Matter the Weight
5. Coins for the Eyes
6. The Sun also Rises
7. The Wild Hunt
8. Through the Misty With You
9. Year-Long Winter
10. River, Mountain and Love