Agoria - La 11éme Marche (12" Single)

La 11éme Marche
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Black vinyl
Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, is a French electronic music producer, composer and DJ.

Attached to the city of Lyon, Agoria participated in the creation of the Nuits Sonores festival.

As a teenager, he attended a DJ set by Jeff Mills. Impressed by the technique of the American, who mixes with three turntables, Sébastien bought a turntable and learned to mix.

In 2002, his single, La 11éme Marche, appeared in the lists of renowned DJs such as Laurent Garnier and Andrew Weatherall. He would even be invited by Kevin Saunderson, the producer of Inner City, to remix Big Fun, the first record Sébastien bought.



1. La 11éme Marche (Rollercoaster Mix)
2. Anni Mari