Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations [WHITE VINYL] (LP)

Autumn Variations [WHITE VINYL]
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White vinyl
Ed Sheeran's releases his second new album of 2023, Autumn Variations.

Like - (Subtract), which came out on 5th May, this follow-up was produced by Aaron Dessner, the guitarist for The National.

The 14-track collection explores the shared emotions of love, heartbreak, depression and loneliness among Sheeran and his friends.



1. Magical
2. England
3. Amazing
4. Plastic Bag
5. Blue
6. American Town
7. That's on Me
8. Page
9. Midnight
10. Spring
11. Punchline
12. When Will I Be Alright
13. The Day I Was Born
14. Head > Heels