Maple Glider - I Get Into Trouble [NEON PINK VINYL] (LP)

I Get Into Trouble [NEON PINK VINYL]
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Neon pink vinyl
Maple Glider, aka Melbourne/Naarm-based artist Tori Zietsch, returns with new album I Get Into Trouble, the follow-up to her stunning 2021 debut To Enjoy is the Only Thing. Due in October 2023, I Get Into Trouble sees Zietsch delve into her Christian childhood, exploring her relationship to her body, consent, shame, and the death of relationships, both romantic and familial. Heartbreaking at times, the songs ultimately paint a hopeful picture, shining a light on new life, new love, and the desire to find peace and connection with these experiences. While Maple Glider's delicate brand of sneakily catchy psych-folk has never sounded sharper, the music centres around the lyrics, exploring these deeply personal themes and often serving as a self-catharsis, brought to vivid life by the beauty of Zietsch's artistry and wry sense of dark humour.



1. Do You
2. Dinah
3. Two Years
5. Don't Kiss Me
6. You at the Top of the Driveway
7. You're Gonna Be a Daddy
8. For You and All the Songs We Loved
9. Surprises
10. Scream